1440/case (10 gross), Positively Charged, Adhesive Coated 'GLASS' Microscope Slides, 90° corners

Adhesive (Silane) Coated
Positively Charged, 25mm x 75mm
Straight Ground Edge, 90° corners
Glass Microscope Slides
Specify Color of Frosted Edge
(20x72) 1440 slides/case (10 gross)
SKU: SC-7801

These slides feature a special adhesive formula coating on slides, also known as “Positively Charged”, that allows specimens to adhere to the slide easily (without additional adhesives or protein coating media), saving time and money in lab procedures and preparations.

Packaged (20x72) 1440 slides/case (10 gross)

Description: 3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane (Silane)

  • 90° corners, Straight Ground edges
  • RNase Free
  • Positively Charged
  • Clear with 1 Color Frosted End on 1 side
  • 25mm x 75mm, 1mm thick
  • Clean Room Prepared
  • (20x72) 1440 Slides/case (10 gross)

Application: Silanized glass microscope slides allow covalent bonding of tissue sections and cytology preparations to its glass surface. This new and remarkable coating resists bleaching and enzymatic predigestion with Proteinase K, collagenase, papain, pronase, and dispase. Even preparations heated up to 92° C remain adherent (Rule et al.: Lab Invest 670:81A, 1989).

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