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CELLTREAT™ Scientific Products' cultureware integrity undergoes a 'double QC testing process' to assure the highest quality, reliability and performance. CELLTREAT Scientific Products includes a comprehensive "Quality Certificate" with every case of product. The CELLTREAT "Quality Certificate" includes the Part Number, Lot Number, Sterility Assurance Level and Dosage, Endotoxin/Pyrogen Free Assurance, Non-Cytotoxicity Assurance and RNase/DNase Free Assurance. The CELLTREAT "Quality Certificate" was designed to include those items found on Certificates of Compliance and Certificates of Assurance. The CELLTREAT Scientific Products "Quality Certificate" is specific to each part number and lot of manufactured product. 

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CELLTREAT - Sterile Tissue Culture Treated Multi-Well Plates

1 Celltreat Plates, Tissue Culture Treated Multi-Well
Tissue Culture Treated
for cell attachment. Single direction lid. Sterile (gamma irradiated).
From $124.55

CELLTREAT Sealing Films for Cell Culture Plates

3 Celltreat Plate Sealing Films
- Breathable Sealing Film promotes uniform gas exchange and can be pierced easily with pipet tips
- Reduces outer well evaporation and cross contamination
- Recommended for use between -20°C and 120°C
- Foil Sealing Film reduces sample evaporation, can be pierced easily with pipet tips and automation, and is heat and cold resistant
- Recommended for use between -80°C and 120°C
From $56.35

CellTreat, Permeable Cell Culture Inserts for 6-well & 24-well Plates

Permeable Plate Cell Culture Inserts, Celltreat
Permeable Cell Culture Inserts mimic in vivo conditions
Inserts center in wells, preventing membrane from touching sides and wicking between insert and side wall
Membrane remains suspended above well bottom, allowing co-culture: grow one cell line inside insert, and another below in the well
Ideal for drug transfer assays, transport studies, migration assays, and cell-cell interaction studies
4µm pore size is ideal for co-culture and drug transport studies
0µm and 8.0µm pore size are ideal for angiogenesis and chemotaxis experiments
For more help with membrane selection, please contact CELLTREAT Scientific Products
Non-Treated Plates sold separately; carrier plate is Tissue Culture Treated which encourages cell adhesion
From $62.60

CELLTREAT - Sterile Non-Treated Multiple Well Plates for Suspension Culture

1 Celltreat Plate, Suspension Non-Treated Multi-Well
Sterile Non-Treated MultiWell Plates
• Individual Pack or 5 Pack packaging • Polystyrene,
• NOT Tissue Culture Treated (for suspension culture)
• Single direction lid. Sterile (gamma irradiated)
NEW: 1-well, 4-well , and 384-well plates

Ideal for Cell/Tissue Culture Suspensions in growing adherent cells. Cells do not attach to the bottoms of the plate's wells.
Ideal as Assay Plate for Molecular Biology, Bacteriology and Serology applications
From $108.85