Microcentrifuge Tubes, with ScrewCap

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BenchLINE™ - Sterile Screw Cap MicroTubes with attached Caps

STERILE Screw Cap Microtubes
With Attached ScrewCap with Red O-Ring
White Writing Area on Tubes for ID, Graduated
Certified RNase, DNase, DNA, Pryogen Free
Rated to 17,000 x G, Temperature: -196°C to +121°C
From $126.60

CELLTREAT - Non-Sterile ScrewCap Microcentrifuge Tubes

3-CELLTREAT ScrewCap MicroTubes
CellTreat ScrewCap MicroTubes
• Non-Sterile. 5 different ScrewCap Tubes, in 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml.
• Tubes are Graduated, Transparent with an Etched Writing Surface.
• Caps in 7 colors (Opaque, Striped GripCap, or Transparent)
• Choose: Natural, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, or Orange
• ScrewCaps with ¾ turn for easy opening and closing
• ScrewCap feature molded TPE sealing o-ring for leak-proof seal.
• Suitable for vapor-phase LN2, -80°C freezer, boiling, autoclaving.
• Rated to 20,000 x g. Certified RNase-DNase-DNA-Pyrogen Free.

NOTE: Tubes and ScrewCaps are Sold separately.
From $67.85

LABCON PRIME™ - STERILE Screw Cap MicroTubes, feature Elastomeric O-Ring (100 tube pouches) 10,000 tubes/case

2-Sterile Labcon Prime ScrewCap MicroTubes
Sterile MicroTubes with ScrewCap
• 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml sizes • Transparent, Graduated Tubes
• Choose Conical Bottom or Self-Standing Bottom Tubes
• Attached EZ-2 Grip ScrewCaps for fast opening and closing
• 1¼-turn screwcap • Improved molded-in elastomeric o-ring seal
• Rated to 20,000 x g • Etched writing ID surface on Tube & Cap
• Certified RNase, DNase, DNA, and Pyrogen FREE
• Sterile packaged (100 tube pouches), 10,000 tubes per case
From $956.80

LifeLINE™ - Non-Sterile, Screw-Cap Graduated Micro-Tubes, 1000/BigPack

2-LifeLINE Non-Sterile ScrewCap MicroTubes
LifeLINE™ Brand
Non-Sterile, Micro-Tubes & Screw-Caps are Sold Separately

• 0.5ml, 1.5ml, and 2.0ml sizes • Very Transparent • Graduated
• Choose Conical Bottom or Free-Standing Bottom tubes
• ScrewCaps with O-ring seal • Rated: 20,000 x g
• 3/4-turn ScrewCaps, 'EZ-2 Grip' Surface for improved handling
• Etched writing ID surfaces on cap and side of tube
• Certified RNase, DNase, DNA, Pyrogen FREE
Packaged in BigPack - 1000/pack

Order TUBES and SCREW-CAPS separately.
From $70.15

LifeLINE™ - STERILE Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes With O-Ring Seal

2-LifeLINE Sterile ScrewCap Microtubes
Sterile, Graduated MicroTubes
with attached natural color screwcaps with o-ring.

• Lab Grade • Transparent • Rated to 20,000 x G
• Suitable forLN (vapor-phase), boiling, and autoclaving
• Etched writing surface on screwcap and tube
• ScrewCaps with black ethylene propylene o-ring
• Choose Conical Bottom or Free-Standing Bottom tubes
• Certified RNase, DNase, DNA, Pyrogen FREE

5 bags of 100 per pack (500), 5 packs/case (2500 tubes)

Note, 500/packs available:
1.5ml Conical Bottom (LS-2210 & LS-2220)
2.0ml Free-Standing (LS-2695-1N).
From $101.15

LifeLINE™ PREMIER - STERILE ScrewCap MicroTubes With O-Ring Seal, 1000/BigPack

2-LifeLINE Premier ScrewCap Microtubes
STERILE ScrewCap Tubes
• Attached 3/4-turn screwcap with leakproof o-ring seal
CHOOSE: Standard ScrewCap or Looped ScrewCap
• Looped cap stays with the tube - reduces contamination
• Free-Standing, Graduated, available with White Writing Area
• 2.0ml Amber available for light sensitive samples
• Optical clarity. Sterile. RNase, DNase, Pyrogen free

Packaged: Sterile packed, 1000/pack
From $148.00

Optimum® - ScrewCap BesTubes™, MicroTubes - Sterile & Non-Sterile

2-Optimum ScrewCap BesTubes
Optimum ScrewCap BesTubes
• Available in Sterile and Non-Sterile packaging
• 0.5ml, 1.5ml, and 2.0ml tube sizes • Very Transparent
• Choose Conical or Free-Standing Bottom • Rated: 20,000 x g
• Natural ScrewCaps with an Black O-ring seal • 1-1/4-turn
- (Also available: #44150B-S, 1.5ml with Light BLUE ScrewCap) -
• Etched writing ID surface area on top of screwcap
• Interlock Ribs, interlock into racks for one handed operation
• Packaging: Certified RNase, DNase, DNA, Pyrogen FREE

From $138.30

STERILE Micrewtubes, FlatTop ScrewCaps w/ O-Ring, 500/case - TAMPER-EVIDENT, Choose: PRINTED OR PLAIN

T335, Sterile MicrewTubes with o-ring
Printed, Plain, Tamper-Evident
STERILE Micrewtubes with FlatTop ScrewCap with O-ring
• Available with Self-Standing bottom or Conical bottom
• Choose: PRINTED (with graduations, white marking area)
. . . or PLAIN (no graduations, no marking area)
. . . or Tamper-Evident (with graduations, white marking area)
• Choose: 0.5ml, 1.5ml, or 2.0ml volume tube size
• Temperature Rating: -196°C (vapor phase only) to +121°C
• Packaged Sterile, 50/bag, 10x50/case (500/case)
From $98.60

CELLTREAT - Sterile Screw Top Microtubes (with ScrewCaps)

3-CELLTREAT Sterile ScrewCap MicroTubes
Premium Grip Cap features molded TPE sealing rings; design ensures O-ring will never slip out of place.
Striped TPE grips on cap edge enable secure handling under all conditions
Easy ¾ turn to open and close
Grip band tubes feature ribs that provide exceptional gripping surface and lessen movement during centrifugation
Self-standing re-sealable bags offer a unique storage solution
High temperature resistivity range – shatter/crack resistant and ideal for boiling
From $136.65