HPLC Flow Detection Biodegradable Solutions

If You Are Currently Using:For ApplicationsNational Diagnostics RecommendsComments
Ready SafeAnyEcoscint AIdeal for all around counting, gives very good efficiency, holding up to 4.5 mL of aqueous sample in 10 mL of cocktail
Ready Safe HPAdding under 1 mL sample to 10 mL cocktailEcoscint HExcellent efficiency for smaller sample volumes
Ready Safe HPAdding over 1 mL sample to 10 mL cocktailEcoscint A
Ready Flow IIFlow applicationsEcoscint FlowOur best flow cocktail—offers an unmatched combination of low viscosity, high mixing rate and high efficiency
Ready OrganicOrganic samplesEcoscint O Our biodegradable cocktail for organic samples
Ready Value/ Ready gelNon gellingEcoscint XRHighest sample hold with very good efficiency
Ready Value/ Ready GelGellingHydrofluor Offers gel counting for suspended solids
Ready Protein PlusProtein samples on filtersFiltron-XDissolves cellulose acetate filters for higher efficiency counting

The above recommendations apply to most common applications. For more specific advice tailored to your applications please call National Diagnostics technical support. We will be happy to run basic compatibility testing in our laboratory if needed.
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4 liter - Ecoscint™ Flow Solution

LS-288-4 LTR
For HPLC Flow Detection
Formulated for multipurpose applications
Guaranteed Quality
4 liter bottle

Made by National Diagnostics
From $163.55

4 liter - Monoflow™ 5 Solution

LS-285 (4 LTR)
Monoflow™ 5
Scintillation Solution
For Moderate sample hold
(3:1 cocktail to sample)
4 liter bottle
From $149.35

4 liter - Uniscint™ BD Solution

LS-276 (4 LTR)
Uniscint™ BD Scintillation Solution
For high flow detection of high salt samples
4 liter bottle
From $168.25