Reagent Reservoirs

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CELLTREAT Reagent Reservoirs - Choose: Polystyrene (BenchTop), OR Polypropylene (Robotic)

Celltreat Reagent Reservoirs
Polystryene BenchTop Reservoirs
25ml, 50ml, 55ml, and 100ml Reagent Reservoirs
Polypropylene / Robotic Reservoirs 96 and 384 Single Cavity, and 8-well and 12-well Multiple Cavity (Sterile or Non-Sterile)
From $77.50

LifeLINE™ 5ml, 10ml, 25ml, 50ml, & 100ml Polystyrene Reagent Reservoir Basins

LifeLINE Reagent Reservoir Basins
• Rigid polystryene
• Molded graduations
• Tapered "V" bottoms
• Pouring spout on each corner
• No-stick stacking design
• Available in 10, 25, 50, and 100ml sizes

NEW 5mL size!; Sterile Lid for 25ml reservoir avaialble
From $49.90

ASPIR-8™ 8 Channel Reagent Reservoirs

10mL or 25mL
Tailored fit for 8-channel pipettes
From $53.50