ScrewCap Erlenmeyer and Ferbach Flasks

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CellTreat, ScrewCap Erlenmeyer Flasks - Choose: PETG Or PC, Solid Or Vent Caps

Celltreat Erlenmeyer Flasks, PETG & PC
ScrewCap Erlenmeyers
• Designed for mammalian suspension culture applications
• Also ideal for bacterial and yeast culture applications
• Vented screwcaps feature 0.22µm hydrophobic membrane
• Vented screwcap allows for gas exchange without contamination
• Over-sized vented area in screwcap improves gas exchange
• High clarity • Plain flat bottoms • Light weight for easy handling
• Medical grade virgin PETG reduces gas permeability
• Medical grade virgin PC (Polycarbonate) is autoclavable
• RNase/DNase-free Non-pyrogenic, Sterile Individually Wrapped
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