ThermalSeal PCR Sealing Film Tape

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Non-Sterile, ThermalSeal RT 50um (2mil) Polyester RR (Inset Cut) Fits Raised Rim or Standard plates, TS-RT2RR-100, 100/pack

ThermalSeal RT (Real Time) Optically-Clear qPCR Sealing Film
with Inset Cut specifically for Raised Rim (RR) plates
will Seal either standard or raised-rim plates
Non-Sterile 2 mil (50µm); -40°C to 120°C
Made from optically clear polyester
Non-Sterile, 100/pack
(aka ThermalSeal RT2RR)
$119.60 $102.75

Non-Sterile, ThermalSeal RT, 50um (2mil) Optically Clear Polyester Sealing Film for Real Time PCR, TS-RT2-100, 100/pack

ThermalSeal RT (Real Time) Optically-clear PCR/qPCR Sealing Film
Ideal for Real Time PCR
Non-Sterile 2 mil (50µm); -40°C to 120°C
Made from optically clear polyester
Seal standard (non raised-rim) PCR plates
(Such as our PCR plate #LS-9796-100)
Non-Sterile, 100/pack
$122.90 $100.80

Non-Sterile, ThermalSeal RTS Polyolefin Optical PCR Sealing Film, TSS-RTQ-100

RTS (Real Time Select) PCR Sealing Film
Non-Sterile 2 mil (50µm) high optically clear Non-Tacky polyolefin film with 50µm pressure-release (non-tacky) silicone adhesive. Ideal for qPCR. Universally seal Standard or Raised-Rim PCR plates.
Thermostable from -70°C to 100°C.
Non-sterile, 100/pack
$156.00 $142.00

Non-Sterile, ThermalSeal Sealing Film for PCR, Polypropylene, 100-THER-PLT, 100/pack

ThermalSeal PCR Sealing Film
Made from clear 50µm polypropylene
with 25µm acrylic adhesive layer
Thermostable to -40°C to +120°C
Chemical Resistant, Mosisture barrier
Non-Sterile, 100/pack

Need a stronger adhesive, see #ST-3100.
$61.30 $57.10