Pipets, Serological (and Aspirating)

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CELLTREAT Individually Wrapped Sterile Serological Pipets (Paper/Plastic Wrap)

CELLTREAT Pipets, Serological Individually Wrapped
Pipets are individually wrapped in sterile, easy to open paper/plastic packaging. Individual wrapped packaging includes color coded print and large volume numerals for quick and easy volume identification. RNase-DNase-Pyrogen Free. Produced in Class 100,000 CleanRoom. Pipets contain a Superior Nylon Plug material that creates a filter barrier that eliminates aerosols, and potential back up or contamination into a pipet controller/filler device (superior to cotton-microfiber plugs).

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SHORT Length pipets for easy use under the Hood.
From $49.80

SERO's™ Brand - Serological Pipets, Polystyrene, Sterile Individually Wrapped

SERO's Serological Pipets
SERO's™ Serological Pipets
• Sterile Individually Wrapped, Polystyrene
• 1ml, 5ml, 10ml, 25ml, and 50ml sizes
• Graduated, Plugged, Color-Coded Band by size
• Non-pyrogenic, Non-cytotoxic, Sterile to SAL 10^6
• DNase, RNase, and Human DNA FREE

SERO's is trademark of Life Science Products.
From $134.35

Sterile, Wobble-not™ Serological Pipets with Ergonomic 2-Tier Plug-End, Individually Wrapped

Wobble-not Serological Pipets
Wobble-not™ Serological Pipets with the patented (no more wobble), erogonomic 2-tier plug-end design. This ergonomic reinforced design allows for better handling with less wobble, less dripping, and less insertion force. Packaged sterile, individually wrapped in 5 sizes: 5ml, 10ml, 25ml, 50ml, and 100ml. Manufactured in USA by Celltreat VistaLab.
From $49.50

CELLTREAT Bulk Packed Sterile Serological Pipet (MultiPacks)

Celltreat Pipets, Serological Pipets Bulk
CellTreat Bulk Packed, Sterile Serological Pipets in Multi-Packs
Class 100,000 CR (CleanRoom) produced
From $132.55

Plasteur® Plastic Pasteur Pipets

Plasteur Plastic Pasteur Pipets
• CELLTREAT Plasteur® Plastic Pasteur Pipets offer the aspirating precision of a glass pipet and the safety benefits of plastic
• Plasteur Pipets are available in two sizes: 5.75 and 9in for easier handling and longer reach for working with larger vessels
• Available in medical grade virgin polystyrene and NEW polypropylene, which provides the chemical resistivity needed for many applications
From $19.15