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LifeLINE™ PCR Tubes and 8-Strip Tubes

1-PCR Tubes and 8-Strips
LifeLINE™ PCR Tubes & Strips
• Certified RNase, DNase, DNA, and PCR inhibitor free
• Choose: 'Low Profile' 0.1mL or 0.2ml size strips
• Ultra-thin, uniform wall thickness for thermal transfer
• White strip tubes, non-autofluorescent for enhanced qPCR
From $38.50

OmniSEAL & OPTIMUM PCR Brands - Single Tubes, Strip Tubes & Strip Caps, Croc-Strips, SnapStrip II, & UltraFlux-i

1-LSP PCR Tubes, Strips and Caps
Single Tube, Strip Tube & Cap, CrocStrip, SnapStrip II, UltraFlux-I
• Ultra-thin walled for uniform heat exchange in thermal cycler
• Featuring Optically Clear Flat CapStrips for RT PCR

WHITE Color Tubes reduce cross-talk between wells, and improve the detection of fluorescent signals.
From $37.45

PCR Tube & 8-Strip Tube Opening and Closing Tool, 2/pack

PCR Tube and 8-Strip Tube Opening / Closing Tool, 2/pack
$70.00 $60.00